Explore the Indian and Nepali Himalaya, home to 9 of the world’s highest peaks with Adventures Unlimited; the tourism company that stands apart from the rest.

The Himalayas has attracted people from all over the world and all walks of life to experience its rouged terrains, infinite beauty, glaciated heights and complex geologic and ecologic structure. The literature, mythologies and religions of South Asia have for centuries encapsulated the magnificence and spirituality of this mountain range. The vast Himalaya’s itself marks the divide between three of Asia’s principle religions – Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Be prepared to be amazed and challenged as you undertake a trek of your preferred choice. Each route has something unique to offer; memories of which that will last a lifetime.

Why trek with Adventures Unlimited?

  • Equipped and experienced guides. Government trained and certified
  • Guides always carry a comprehensive medical kit
  • Top class gear for hire
  • A company that prides itself on high quality customer relations. Ensuring each and every client feels looked after and listened to