Trekking FAQs

What do I need to carry? How much weight?
For a 3-6 day trek we usually recommend carrying 25kg rucksack. For longer treks there is generally a yak that goes along to carry the extra gear so you can carry a lighter babckpack with your essentials.

Is equipment available to rent?
Yes we have high quality gear for rent which will also save you carrying heavy loads when travelling. For example feather down jackets, walking poles, trekking backpacks, trekking boots etc.

How many hrs/kms will we walk on average per day?
Depends on how fast a walker you are!!

How fit does one need to be?
It depends on the trek level but generally you should always have a relatively good level of fitness for any of the treks. Most treks can be customised according to your fitness level. 

Is it safe to drink the water on route?
To reduce wastage we try to encourage people to drink boiled water. On some treks bottled water is also available.

What types of meals/food is provided?
All your meals are included while on the trek. This mostly consists of local veg meals. We also send some extra food to add some variety such as brown bread, beans, cheese etc.

What about altitude sickness?
We ensure that you travel gradually to allow your body to produce enough RBCs (red blood cells) to carry oxygen around your body. If anyone starts to show any symptoms of altitude sickness all our guides carry a fully equipped medical kit including diamox. If the issue persists the guide will arrange for you to return.

Will my guide be able to speak English?
The guides all have a relatively good level of English, enough to explain all that is important on the trek but don’t expect them to know everything about everything. Each have their own strong points and areas of particular interest. You will be in good hands!

Is a special permit required for Sikkim? Where can I get this?
Yes foreigners need to make a permit for Sikkim. Some countries allow you to do this at the same time of making your Indian visa however we can also help you do that once you come here

Will there be porters on the trek?
Porters are available for hire on the Singalila Trek. For other treks like Goechala Trek, Uttarey Trek, Zanskar trek extra luggage can be carried up by the yaks or horses

Where can I leave my excess luggage?
We have a secure locker where you can leave your belongings until you return

What forms of payment are available?
We accept cash and credit card/visa. Please note that extra charges will incur when you pay with card

Are there ATMs in darj?
Yes there are plenty of ATMs in Darjeeling which accept international cards .Make sure to inform your bank you will be heading abroad or they could block your card