Tribal Tours

Visit the tribal lands of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in the far North East of India. Tribes form a major part of the demographic makeup of both of these states.  Each tribe is unique in terms of its distinct language, heritage, customs and caste. One of the recommended times to join a tour to Nagaland is during the famous ‘Hornbill festival’, early December.  This festival promotes intertribal interaction and serves to protect and promote the rich culture if the state. You will get the opportunity to see the diverse range of customs and traditions that each tribe of the state has to offer. Go back home and tell your folks you got to dine with a head hunting tribe leader. Get once in a life time oppurtunity to spend time with last true tribal communities in between the borders of India and Burma. There promises to be a lot of dancing singing and ‘interesting’ local cuisine and home brewed wine to sample.