Motorbike Tour/Rental FAQS

Is Safety gear mandatory?

What safety gear is provided/recommended?
Safety is our no.1 priority. You and your pillion will each need to wear a helmet, jacket and pants as well biking gloves. If you do not have or do not wish to carry we have all the gear for hire at nominal costs

How much extra does a pillion cost?
There is an extra charge of Rs500 per day for a pillion. They will also need to wear safety gear and a helmet

What is the mileage of a RE?
The average mileage is 25km/litre

What sort of bikes do you have for rent?
We have a fleet of Royal Enfields and also stock dual sport bikes like Impulse 150cc  and Pulsar 180cc

Do you do daily rentals?
Minimum rental is 7days

Is it possible the bike will break down?
It’s an Enfield so yes!

What do I do in the event of a breakdown
For our tours one of our mechanics will also be travelling as back-up with the group so no need to worry. On your own tours you should know some basic maintenance before renting bike. If its something that you can’t fix easily then we will be able to direct you to the closest mechanic where available.

Are spares provided?
As a standard we supply each group with all basic tools, clutch cables, accelerator cable, front & back tubes and spark plugs.

What if I have limited knowledge of riding an Enfield?
Everyone should have some biking experience before renting. Mountain roads are however much different and difficult then flat/city terrain so we will provide you with a crash course in hill riding with our experienced staff.

If we are travelling to restricted areas do we need to arrange permits ourselves?
We can help you in arranging special permits for restricted areas

How will we carry our luggage?
We do not use metal panniers on any of our bikes due to overloading accidents in past. However you can hire high quality Dirt Sack saddle bags (90lts approx) for your tour. They fit in the second seat with the pillion able to sit on top comfortably.

Is insurance covered?
All motorbikes comes with 1st party / 3rd party insurance. However no claim can be made under rental clause in India. Therefore the hirer is liable for all minor to major damages. An authorization letter will be made on the hirers name and driving license. In addition a motorcycle rental clause has to be signed.

What if we have an accident?
The money will be taken from your security deposit. And if the cost of repairs runs over the security the remaining has to be paid by the hirer.

The difference between EFI and Carb :
EFI stands for ‘Electronic Fuel Injection’ and Carbs are old school carburettors. During self tour it’s always better to have the simpler carbs which can be fixed by local mechanics. The EFI uses an 8 bit computer to govern the amount of fuel injected into the chamber for burning. This is the only major difference between the models. The rest of the engine parts are the same for both Bullet 500 and Classic 500.

What type of accommodation is available on tours?
Accommodation varies throughout the tours. Where we can we try to use clean, comfortable 3-5 star accommodation. In some cases you will be required to camp. It all depends on where we travel to and what is available. The best thing you can do is be prepared for an adventure!

Will I have to share a room on the tour?
Yes we generally keep 2 people per room. If you require your own room you will need to tell us in advance and pay an additional fee. Even in that case it is not always guaranteed that every hotel will be able to provide.