Health FAQs

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes it is strongly advised that you get travel insurance prior to travel. A policy that covers medical treatment is recommended. If you intend to partake in adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, rafting etc then ensure that your insurance covers these.

What vaccinations do I need to get prior to travel?
It is also best to check with your physician as to which areas are at risk for certain diseases. You can also check destination country local Govt sites for alerts of any new outbreaks.

Do I need to take Malaria Tablets?
Depending on the areas you are travelling to it may be necessary to take Malaria tablets. Your physician will advise you on this prior to travel. In addition check with the destination country local govt sites for alerts. Precautionary medicine and repellents is a sure way to keeping oneself protected.

What precautions should I take when eating food?
Always make sure your food is thoroughly cooked and served hot when eating out. Avoid eating salads and fruits that have not been washed with purified water or peeled when eating out.

What about drinking water?
Ensure that the water you are drinking is clean by opting for boiled and then cooled water, treated water or sealed from a reputable brand.

What sort of medicine should I carry with me?
The list of items are recommended to carry with you in your personal medical kit; Panadol, Ibuprofen, antihistamine, Imodium for upset stomach, rehydration sachets to keep hydrated especially in cases of severe diarrhoea, antiseptic spray or cream, bandages and band aids, scissors, tweezers, sun lotion ( +sdf rating according to the altitude you are visiting) , insect repellent, water purification tablets, throat lozenges.